Babaco – Twisted Cotton No-sleeve BA01-CR23 – Ivory

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Babaco Twisted Cotton No-sleeve Ivory

Color: Ivory


Round Collar

Composition: 100% Cotton

Made in Japan

Style code: BA01-CR23





The Brand

This Babaco Twisted Cotton No-sleeve Ivory adapts to your daily life.

Babaco specializes in crafting premium knitwear and socks, employing the meticulous craftsmanship of Japan. With seasoned designer Yoko Shiraishi at the helm, Babaco produces masterful knits that seamlessly blend artistry, texture, and color.

Inspired by the richness of nature, the brand derives its name from the Babaco plant, native to the Andes region. This botanical connection reflects Babaco’s commitment to natural beauty and sustainability, echoing through every stitch of their creations.

Each piece from Babaco is a testament to their dedication to quality and artistry, combining Japanese precision with the allure of Andean heritage. Through their exquisite designs, Babaco invites wearers to experience the harmony of craftsmanship and nature, one knit at a time.

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