And Wander – ECOPACK 30L 3way Tote Bag – Black

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And Wander ECOPACK 30L 3way Tote Bag Black

Color: Black

Water-repellent finish

Waterproof to a water pressure of 20,000 mm

Highly durable

Environmentally friendly material

It can be used as a tote bag, shoulder bag, or backpack


Composition: 100% recycled polyester

Made In China



The Brand

This And Wander ECOPACK 30L 3way Tote Bag Black is made with durable, light-weight materials with water-resistance and wind protection.

and wander is a Japanese outdoor apparel brand that seamlessly blends innovative design with technical functionality, catering to outdoor enthusiasts who value both performance and style. Founded by Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori, the brand has gained widespread acclaim for its cutting-edge designs and commitment to quality.

At the heart of and wander’s ethos is a dedication to pushing the boundaries of outdoor apparel. Each garment is meticulously crafted using advanced materials and construction techniques, ensuring durability, protection, and comfort in any outdoor environment.

and wander’s designs are characterized by their sleek, minimalist aesthetic and attention to detail. From lightweight jackets and breathable tops to functional backpacks and accessories, every piece is thoughtfully designed to meet the demands of outdoor adventurers without compromising on style.

In addition to its focus on performance, and wander is also committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The brand strives to minimize its impact on the planet by using recycled materials, reducing waste, and supporting ethical manufacturing practices.

With its combination of innovative design, technical performance, and environmental responsibility, and wander invites outdoor enthusiasts to explore the world with confidence and style. Whether hiking in the mountains or navigating urban landscapes, and wander offers the perfect blend of form and function for the modern explorer.

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