Ts(s) – Round Flap Pocket Baggy Shirt YT49XS06 – Green

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Ts(s) Round Flap Pocket Baggy Shirt Green

Color: Green

Classic collar

Long sleeves

Button closure

Two chest flap pockets

Buttoned cuffs

Composition: 100% Cotton

Made in Japan

Style code: YT49XS06




Size Chart: 2=S / 3=M / 4=L





The Brand

This Ts(s) Round Flap Pocket Baggy Shirt Green represents blends contemporary style with exceptional comfort.

Ts(s) is a Japanese brand that epitomizes the marriage of traditional aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities. Drawing inspiration from various sources including workwear, military uniforms, and sports attire, Ts(s) crafts garments that seamlessly blend heritage with modern design principles.



Each meticulously crafted piece reflects a dedication to detail and a commitment to superior craftsmanship. From impeccably tailored jackets to rugged yet refined trousers, Ts(s) garments exude an air of timeless sophistication and quality.



One of Ts(s)’s standout attributes lies in its masterful use of color and texture. The brand effortlessly combines an eclectic color palette with a diverse range of materials, resulting in visually striking and uniquely textured pieces that command attention in any wardrobe.

Whether it’s a structured blazer infused with utilitarian elements or a casual shirt adorned with unexpected embellishments, Ts(s) consistently delivers garments that embody versatility, creativity, and effortless style. Each piece serves as a canvas for self-expression, allowing the wearer to make a statement while embracing the brand’s ethos of individuality and innovation.

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