Kaptain Sunshine – CPO Shirt KS24SSH12 – Yellow Pinchek

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Kaptain Sunshine CPO Shirt Yellow Pincheck

Color: Yellow Pincheck

Classic Collar

Curved Hem

Buttoned Cuffs

Chest Flap Pocket

Composition: 100% Cotton

Made in Japan

Style Code: KS24SSH12


Size Chart: 38=M / 40=L / 42=XL


The Brand

This Kaptain Sunshine CPO Shirt Yellow Pincheck embracing the tradition and essence of field & naval wear.

Kaptain Sunshine is a distinctive menswear brand inspired by the spirit of adventure and the great outdoors. Founded by Shinsuke Kojima, the brand takes its name from the idea of embracing the warmth and optimism of sunshine, while embodying the ruggedness and durability of a seasoned explorer.

The essence of Kaptain Sunshine lies in its unique blend of vintage Americana, military influences, and traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Each garment is thoughtfully designed with a focus on functionality, authenticity, and attention to detail, resulting in pieces that seamlessly merge heritage-inspired aesthetics with modern sensibilities.

From rugged outerwear and utilitarian jackets to classic shirting and versatile trousers, every piece in the Kaptain Sunshine collection reflects a sense of timeless style and effortless cool. Whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or embarking on a wilderness adventure, Kaptain Sunshine offers clothing that is as stylish as it is practical.

In addition to its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Kaptain Sunshine is also dedicated to sustainability and ethical production practices. The brand prioritizes responsibly sourced materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, ensuring that its impact on the planet is as minimal as possible.

With its focus on heritage-inspired design, modern functionality, and ethical values, Kaptain Sunshine invites men to embrace a sense of adventure and exploration in their everyday wardrobe. Whether you’re a city dweller or a nature enthusiast, Kaptain Sunshine offers clothing that captures the spirit of adventure and the warmth of sunshine in every stitch.

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