Abel – Black Anise – 50ml

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Abel Unisex Fragrance


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Top notes : star anise

Heart notes : cacao, blackcurrant

Base notes : tobacco


100% Natural


Ethically sourced



Scent comparisons :
Byredo Tobacco Mandarin
Diptyque Volutes
D.S & Durga Amber Kiso


Ingredients :

clary sage abs – France davana oil – India cassis abs burgundy – France star anise oil – China tolu balsam – *El Salvador apricot seed oil (bitter almond oil) – Morocco cedarwood oil – China patchouli oil – Indonesia guaiac wood oil – Paraguay cade oil rect. – India cistus labdanum abs – Spain vanillin biotech – *vanilla note ambrettolide biotech – *musk note coffee pfico extract co2 – *arabica blend damascenone beta – *naturally derived dark rose note hexenyl butrate cis 3 – *naturally derived red fruit note hexyl acetate – *naturally derived apple note decalactone gamma – *naturally derived cacao note ethyl methyl butrate 2 – *naturally derived berry note anethol – *naturally derived star anise extract ambroxan – *ambergris note. INCI (potential allergens): benzyl cinnamate, benzyl benzoate, linalool, isoeugenol

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