Barena was founded in 1961, and was inspired by the rich heritage of style of its hometown: Venice. The brand produces unique and elegant collections full of character. The sleek forms and refined lines of these models testify to the exceptional know-how of the brand. The range is gaining sophistication thanks to its palette of nuanced colors, while the luxurious materials give a refined side to the most casual models. All production takes place in Italy with particular attention to detail and quality.

Barena Venezia, a small, family-owned company has significantly influenced the way men and women dress in and outside of Italy over the past twenty-seven years. The brand’s history reaches all the way back to 1961 when its founder, Sandro Zara, got his start in the fashion industry. The brand grew significantly season after season, extending to womenswear in 2010 when Francesca Zara, daughter of Sandro, became part of the family business and Barena Women’s creative director.

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