Founded in 2009 by Catherine Lundgren-Andersen and Peter Kjær-Andersen is a family company.

At the beginning, the idea of reinterpreting a classic Danish sailor sweater. Andersen-Andersen’s sweaters are inspired by Denmark’s rich maritime history, and rooted in Danish design traditions.

It is in a small knitting factory in northern Italy that the clothes are knitted and bound.

Their signature yarn is crafted from extra-fine 100% wool yarn merino wool. From Uruguay and Patagonia, all wool is certified without mulesing. The reactive dyeing process meets the highest European standards of its kind. Portugal’s untinted merino wool is a natural colored wool. The long fiber wool makes the yarn very durable. It’s simply sheared, washed and spun. The result is an authentic garment of natural color. Colored with indigo natural French and Indian leaves, indigo-dyed merino wool does not contain chemical additives or synthetic colors. Andersen Andersen believes in one thing, and they do it well.

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